Ruchell ‘Cinque’ Magee Is Free!

Todd Steven Burroughs
2 min readJul 21, 2023


After 67 years of wrongful imprisonment, the Coalition to Free Ruchell Magee is proud and overjoyed to announce that Ruchell Magee has won his release from California Medical Facility.

The Coalition to Free Ruchell Magee, which has fought to win Ruchell’s freedom since 2019, salutes Cinque! We also send our profound gratitude to every organization and supporter who attended an event, took an action, wrote a letter to Ruchell, or did anything to uplift his struggle. We will continue to support Ruchell in his return and post updates.

We have gathered over 37,700 signatures, over 2,600 letters, and countless calls to Governor Newsom and letters to Ruchell.

Ruchell’s relentless work and fortitude and the collective power of the people were decisive factors in raising awareness about Ruchell’s history and bringing this issue to the forefront.

We must be clear that Ruchell has been the main driver of his own release. This release will allow him to spend the rest of his life outside of the prison walls, with his loved ones.

We in the Coalition hope that this monumental victory will inspire increased commitment to the release of all of our political prisoners. We reaffirm our support for justice for all political prisoners across the US, and we will not give up the fight.



Todd Steven Burroughs

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